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Tour our Gallery, and let your eyes enjoy all the tasty medicated recipes before your mouth has a chance!

Kat has been a valued and integral component of the online cannabis community and movement for many years, learn her story here.

No matter what your favorite recipe is, we have something that will make you happy, and we welcome suggestions!

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 The techniques developed by Kat Smiles which can be found here, at the CannaPharm,  have been found especially helpful for those patients who, like Kat, faced years of difficulty digesting and absorbing the average cannabis edibles and oils.

 Extraction is just the first step when making a truly medical grade oil; you MUST take absorption and metabolism into consideration for your valuable medicine to be as effective as possible.

 Over the years, as it became obvious that absorption rates varied from one patient to the next, it becane increasingly clear to Kat that the success of a medible relied heavily on processing the cannabis in oil beyond the point of simple extraction. Combining methods applied by the pharmaceutical industry, using natural food grade ingredients, she has developed a powerful 'vehicle' for cannabinoid absorption that can easily be replicated in the home, allowing several times the active material to be absorbed into the system within a given timeframe, resulting in less waste, faster onset and quicker relief, and stronger, longer lasting periods of effectiveness. 

Kat's methods and recommendations for processing medical grade cannabis oil have rapidly spread through the medical community and as a result she has been widely hailed as the pioneer of cannabinoid bioavailability, for providing the community many specialized techniques for producing bioavailable oil, which can easily be tailored to patients unique and specific needs.

 She has taken the time to convert each method into a series of processes that virtually any patient or caregiver, of any skill level, can easily replicate in their home with confidence.
 The same techniques that allow those patients who once thought of themselves 'as edible immune' to benefit from oral cannabis, can allow users without difficulties to increase their dose strength and length, and multiply the number of doses produced by the same amount of cannabis.

  Kat is an experienced breeder of cannabis, with over a decade and a half of selective breeding and dedicated work invested in several different strains... and YES she donates genetics to patients! No clones in stock, but a variety of medical seeds with varying THC / CBD contents. 

Write us -here- , briefly describe your situation and condition, and ask for details!

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"It's not just about getting high, it's about keeping medicine from your toilet, and directing and routing its absorption through the body to target areas as required by the patient's specific condition or needs. Liposomal encapsulation works with both activated, and carboxyl-intact cannabinoids (ie. cold extracted THCA, CBDA, CBGA etc) and won't produce a high, it's meant for topicals, it works for sublingual, if you change the carrier oil it changes the route oral absorption takes place.

There is much more to our medicine than just taking a concentrate, eating it, and hoping for the best, which leads to so many unnecessary deaths. Like we discussed a few days earlier, you can get organic non-solvent fractionated lecithin, from non-GMO sunflower seeds, or non-GMO organic soybeans. Our bodies benefit from more of that same lecithin, in a single day, than our cannabis concentrates contain in a month's supply or more for high intake cancer patients.

The cells that make up our brain tissue are especially rich in the major active phospholipid component, that we use lecithin for; phosphatidylcholine.

Choline in short, is a necessary dietary element, that your body requires in order for you to live.

Soy lecithin is an authorized pharmaceutical treatment in Germany for a plethora of medical conditions, they prescribe high doses for hepatitis, diabetic fatty liver, cirrhosis, decreased bile solubility and a number of other related conditions.

But why is lecithin used for medical grade cannabis oil and, now, for dramatically increasing the absorption of everything from pharmaceuticals, to supplements like Omega-3 and VitC?

We'll explain:

When testing the blood and the excrement/waste of a variety of users (lecithin/lipo encapsulation is now used for cannabinoids, vitamin C, even omega-3, and a plethora of other beneficial goodies, not to mention pharmaceuticals), a higher ratio of active tested components entered the bloodstream in a much shorter period of time, and dramatically fewer active components are detected in the waste during the 6 - 24 hours following dosing. In the case of vit C/ascorbic acid, it allows nearly 25 times the amount, virtually 100% versus the mere 4% - 10% when eaten untreated, to enter the system before evacuation can occur, and at a speed that rivals intravenous delivery. This is why liposomally encapsulated vit C's only suggest taking a mg dose, in the range of 100% - 300% of your daily suggested intake depending on the condition you're suffering or if using as a simple supplement, compared to the 3,000% - 4,000%(!!! waste!!!) of your daily value required by NON liposomally treated ascorbic acid.
  Cannabinoids work in much the same way, when untreated they resist absorption, take longer to provide relief, and are largely wasted when taken orally, especially for patients with digestive difficulty who are becoming more the norm than not these days. But when liposomally encapsulated, you get absorption
that has been shown to rival intravenous delivery.

  Emulsification is not the same as liposomal cannabinoid encapsulation, naked-eye emulsification happens rather rapidly in comparison and is a precursor and a simple side benefit of emulsification is that your oil will be consistent even in larger batches, and it will blend effortlessly and consistently into edibles if filling capsules is not your goal, but it is not what makes our medicine work better in and of itself. The later encapsulation of the individual cannabinoid molecules in a layer of liposomes is what enhances absorption. "
- Kat Smiles

 This is what is important when making real medicine, and this is what we teach, all based on the original time tested and proven work of Kat Smiles.

Why The Bioavailability & Absorption
of Medical Oils 
MUST Be Taken Seriously

Eleven years ago, "Bonnie" was given a death sentence by her vets, via an untreatable form of ocular cancer. After a second opinion said the same and worse, she was brought home against their wishes, where cannabis eye drops and medicated food reversed cranial deformity and removed all signs of cancer, minus one black scar in her iris which she still has to this day; her battle scar.

   At twenty-one years old in this photo, Bonnie more than doubled her lifespan and outlived the first vet that wanted to put her down, thanks to CANNABIS!

 Leading the Industry in Cannabis Bioavailability 

Edibles & Cannabis Oils of 2015-2016...

Glass Sherlock Oil Rig by Green Goddess Glass


At the CannaPharm, we help patients learn the essentials behind producing the highest quality medical grade cannabis oils and extracts.

At the CannaPharm, we help patients learn the essentials behind producing

the highest quality 

Medical Grade Cannabis Oils and Extracts.

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