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BKCannaPharm Institute & Cannabis Career Courses


    The BKCannaPharm syllabus covers:

Oral Cannabis Medicine

In this course, students learn the fundamentals behind producing a highly active and bioavailable oil. Our students also learn basic edible applications and several recipes that allow them to begin making infused meals and treats with confidence.

In this course, students learn advanced techniques for increasing bioavailability in carboxyl intact or inactive cannabinoids, that have not undergone decarboxylation. Students will learn more on whether it is appropriate to use an oil or a tincture for a specific food application, and medicinally when certain oils are better suited than others for treating unique conditions and symptoms.

In this course, students learn essential information on room maintenance and cloning for optimal growth cycles and regular harvests, we touch on the basic outdoor gardening requirements for a successful crop, and cover final drying and curing techniques.

In this course, students learn essential information and skills that allow them to produce large indoor crops efficiently, cleanly, both organically and inorganically, and with as minimal impact on the environment as possible, also touching on natural pest prevention.

Cannabis Production (Growing)

6 Week Course - No Prerequisite Required

6 Week Course - Basic Course Prerequisite Required

3 Month Course - Basic Course Prerequisite Required

3 Month Course - No Prerequisite Required

Students are provided password protected access to the individual course materials, web pages, and the contact forms used for each subject, allowing them to keep in touch with their instructors and pass along required course data and materials in an organized manner. 

Approved Oral Cannabis Medicine Students will require access to:
A Kitchen
Pyrex or Ceramic Baking Vessels
Measuring Tools - scales, cups
Common Cooking and Baking Supplies
Legal Patients for Gifting and Feedback Requirements
Legal Cannabis - No less than 4oz /113g throughout courses.
(One ounce used during Basic course, Three during Advanced)

Approved Cannabis Production Students will require access to:
A legal locking grow room - Check your Local State Laws
Peat  or Coco based growing medium or similar blend
Desired Source of Nutrition - Organic or Inorganic
Other useful supplies including but not limited to:
PH/EC/PPM meters, cutting utensils, pots, RO filtration

Contact us for access to the individual course pages above, for more details.

All students will require access to a camera for stages where they are required to sufficiently document and turn in completed assignments, Skype or similar is required for testing and the completion of both the advanced courses.










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    We would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that we always have, and always will continue to assist in educating patients and professionals in these exact topics, free of charge. That is our origin and our foundation, we strongly believe that every patient, caregiver and professional, regardless of their intent, has the right to access solid, reliable information for the benefit of human life. 

   Our courses however are designed and offered as a means to structuralize and streamline our educational content, to examine skill and competence in following directions, and more importantly provide you with an official certification, including our seal of approval and a document signed and stamped by Kat, and our lead admin, to use as you advance through your career in the cannabis community. This is the benefit of registration and course completion.

     As a long standing organization our presence is highly regarded within the professional cannabis community, our tech is used by thousands around the world, you may choose to include such a certification on your resume when applying at dispensaries as proof of your experience and your drive to be professionally involved in the community, or you may use your certifications to show your strength of skill and competence to the individual patients you serve as a caregiver. Our courses include an underlying tone of altruism and strong sense of humanity for our fellow patients , you will be expected to gift and provide several donations to patients, ideally those in need who, when possible, should be asked only to thank you by reporting back on the success of your donation or potential areas of improvement.

   We are not on hand in your home to supervise, and therfor leave it in our students responsibility and in their capable hands, to adhere to their individual local State Laws while completing course work. Nothing we require goes beyond the limitations of medical law or acceptable practices.

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