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What's better than the mellow mouthgasm, that already is tiramisu? Why, pairing it with your favorite terps! A clean, high quality, but terpinous concentrate, can make equally excellent edible oil, and your favorite strains featuring peppery, fruity, or even coriander notes will often 
compliment many dishes with subtle coffee and vanilla undertones. You hear from so many people that they don't want to "taste the weed" in their edibles, but what does that mean? Not always the same thing for each individual who says it, but most often, they are simply trying to avoid unpleasant, murky, sulfuric, salty-bitter flavors more associated with poorly stored and processed oils. When it comes to terpenes, on the other hand, the people who'd like those jazzy, nose-tingling flavors minimized are quickly shrinking in number, and alternatively the demand for their presence is growing, almost quickly as the industry is expanding.

  It used to be that over heated concentrates lacking in terpenes and flavor profile could find a place in edibles, and absolutely they still can, but connoisseurs are increasingly demanding their full presence in edibles as well, not only for the divine interaction with their taste buds, but those truly in the know appreciate the variety of their interaction with cannabinoids and their receptors, using them as a means to enhance, prolong or otherwise manipulate the experience.
  Without the full plant synergy from more volatile terpenes, you are missing out! 

Medicated Tiramisu
  Recipe for two layer cake below - 'single' layer cake  pictured!  You may choose to make a double layer cake, halve the recipe, or make two single layer trays, it's all up to you!

  You Will Need:

 - Approx 20 Ladyfinger Cookies *medicated recipe coming soon
-  1 1/2lbs Mascarpone cheese 
        1lb Cream Cheese & 1/2 - 2/3 Cup Heavy Cream
- 3/4c Sugar - more to taste
- 3/4c Heavy Cream
- 1/2 - 3/4c Strong Coffee or Espresso

- 3 Egg Yolks*

- 1tsp Vanilla

- 1Tbsp Scotch
- 2tsp Kahlua

- 2tsp Disaronno Amaretto
- Cocoa powder or chocolate shavings

- 1/2tsp Ume Plum Vinegar or pinch salt + 1/4 tsp vinegar
- Bioavailable Cannabis Oil; suggested 6 - 12 doses           
depending on desired slice size!


 A teaspoon of almond extract may be used as a substitute
for the alcohol, to provide depth of flavor without the buzz!



 Whip 3/4c Heavy Cream and 1/4c Sugar until firm peaks hold their positions. Set in the refrigerator for later.

 Setting aside 1 Tbsp Coffee, combine remaining Coffee, 1tsp Kahlua, 2tsp Scotch, 2tsp Amaretto, 2/3 melted Cannabis Oil and whisk until relatively incorporated, whisking again later just as it's poured. If you like a moist and spongy cake, use 3/4c coffee, and less if you'd like it more dry. 

 Arrange half your Ladyfinger cookies in desired brick patern in a deep pyrex or ceramic dish, and soak in a spiral using just over half of your coffee, oil and alcohol mixture, leaving some patches bare, and others somewhat over soaked. The moisture content will even out in the fridge overnight, leaving behind the expected marbling.

 Combine egg yolks, 1tsp Scotch, Ume Plum Vinegar, Vanilla extract*, and 1/3 your melted Cannabis Oil, whisk in 1/3c sugar, and set aside.

 Gently heat or allow Cream Cheese or Mascarpone to soften just to room temperature, then add the sweetened egg yolk mixture, and blend until only small chunks remain; do not whisk or incorporate too fully. You want some texture to remain!

 If using cream cheese, instead of mascarpone, at this time you will whip and fold in the appropriate heavy cream.

Separate half of the additional sweetened whipped cream, and whisk in 1Tbsp coffee, plus 1tsp Kahlua.


DIRECTIONS continued..

Then for both the cream cheese or the mascarpone blend, add the coffee treated and sweetened Whipped Cream, and fold this into the mixture, but not completely, so some layering is present.

 You should now find yourself with a portion of unused ladyfingers, a portion of soaking ladyfingers, a portion of unused coffee mixture, a cheese filling, and a whipped topping.

 Spread 3/4 of the sweet cheese blend on top of the soaking ladyfingers. Sprinkle with a thin layer of cocoa powder; sprinkling cocoa above or below the top ladyfinger layer adds a nice visual effect once a double layer cake is sliced, and served. Now, arrange the second layer of ladyfingers, carefully, on top of the sweet creamed cheese. Whisk and pour the remaining coffee mixture over the cookies in a spiral form.

 You may find you have oil residue in the cup. Oh no, what a waste! Or is it?...

  Fill half the oil lined cup with the remaining sweetened cheese, and blend thoroughly, hitting all the sides, then spread this on top of the second layer of soaking cookies. If you feel it's needed, repeat with any remaining sweet cheese or whipped cream, before applying it to the top.

Finish with a layer of whipped cream, and sprinkle the top with shaved chocolate or a dusting of cocoa powder, and you're ready to serve!


( *This combination of ingredients is a flavor enhancing, safety measure, using the addition of alcohol, salt and vinegar to help compensate for the use of raw egg products.

  How useful is this measure if your eggs are actually contaminated? Maybe a little, but probably not much at all. How likely are your eggs even to be contaminated, to begin with? Not very, especially if you are using fresh, grade A eggs. That and cooking isn't a 100% failsafe method of protecting oneself from harm, if your eggs are bad and you eat them regardless, you'll probably find out the hard way, cooked or not. I have a reduced immune system and need to be cautious, but with a little caution and presence of mind, I still regularly enjoy raw dairy and egg products, rare meats, uncooked veggies and real cheeses. Pick your battles using your own judgment; safety versus pleasure is a hard argument to win for caution, in my head... if there's a will, I'll find a way to enjoy myself.)

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