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Kat "BadKitty" Smiles, author and creator of "BadKat's CannaPharm", and widely considered the pioneer of Cannabinoid Bioavailability, and the revolutionary 'solvent transfer' method of producing highly concentrated medical cannabis oils, using 100% food grade ingredients, alcohols, and oils, designed to help caregivers and dispensaries legally bypass local medical laws prohibiting the use of pure hash and concentrates to produce concentrated infusions. She is the author and promoter other pharmacologically principled methods for making bioavailable, concentrated tinctures and medical oils, has been an integral component of the world wide medical cannabis community for more than twenty years, with each day devoted tirelessly to her patients both local and near, and far and wide.

 As early as the 1990's, she was already participating in online forums and message boards, even moderating, and producing edible and growing tutorials, and acting as a contributing editor to some of the largest cannabis communities, while hailed as one of the top growers in the world, as a mere teenager.


 Born and raised in a very small, and rural northeastern town, Kat faced the usual hardships and difficulties a small town child would, and yet floursiehd acedemically, artistically and even athletically, before falling ill during her early teenage years.  She continued to thrive acedemically and artistically, ultimately taking all possible available courses school offered, even in lieu of study halls, before graduating, and moving on to work in the financial and banking industry.

 She continued her more 'conventional' professional career until without adequate diagnosis, medicine or treatment, her condition, a severe form of cyclic vomitting syndrome with frequent attacks, among other skelatal and joint complications, worsened and she was put on mandatory short term disability leave due to her irregular hours and frequent illness, in spite of her position as the top earning employee for her team.


  Still a teenager, she soon discovered her youthfull love for cannabis was more important and profound than she had imagined, and knowing it was more than coincidence that her healthiest and most productive weeks came shortly after partaking, it wasn't long before she'd left her profitable banking position at 16 years old, and spent the next several years traveling , specifically to learn from the hidden masters around the world, facing and adapting to a wide range of growing environments, and the unusual local tools and supplies from different cultures...



 Combined, she brings us the collective knowledge of over 200 years of professional cannabis experience!


  Having grown in everything from closets with small fluoros, to expansive and vast warehouses, and forests, with her experience producing samples, and producing and analyzing some the earliest modern GC / LC test results for cannabis, and after taking cues from pharmaceutical industry insiders, studies and research papers, at the cost of experimenting with pounds, upon pounds of medicine, she has developed the most medicinally powerful methods of ingesting cannabis glandular material, known to the community at large!

  All those in the pharmaceutical, supplement, and cannabis industries, using the powerhouse combination of Lecithin and MCT-Coconut oil to increase absorption and delivery of therapeutic agents of all kinds, have Kat Smiles directly to thank.

 If you feel cannabis may work for you, and for your specific condition, with BadKat's help YOU now have access to the VERY BEST TOOLS, and the know-how, to put your medicine to good use!


            We love Kat and are proud to help her present this awesome website for patients world wide!


                                                                Spread the word and help your local patients - Talia

Team KAT!

Over the years, Kat has touched the lives of a great many patients, and people, all across the globe.


But every now and then, a special person comes along... a dear friend or loved one of a past patient, whose life was made easier with her oil, or even a fellow patient she treated sucesfully... and sooner or later, they find themselves pitching in at the 'Pharm, and helping to spread the word about this wonderful medicinal plant, and about the very best methods for producing medical grade oil in the average home.


 These are the Official Members of Team Kat!


Talia ------------------------   Kat's Personal Webmail Assistant
Jason  ----------------------   Kat's Lead Tech & Personal Assistant

Chris  -----------------------  Assistant to Tal & Jason

Quinn  ----------------------  Lead Assistant & Chief Video Editor
Matt  -----------------------   Dispensary Liaison

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