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More photos, videos and reflections coming soon......

Halloween HASH BASH 2013

FIlling out the Lucky Dip bags, skulls and cauldrons...

" I made it safely back from the 2nd annual Halloween Hash Bash! What an awesome time... such great people, music and vendors... the canna scene is so mellow in Maine. Marlon Asher & NLN were cool and Max Random was great, the GCR crew really knows how to show folks a good time, thanks so much for having me! Even had Q up on stage all gothed out at one point, good times. =-D

Thanks for all the well-wishes while I was under the weather most of the week, I'm still not eating much (had a handful of fries yesterday though, thanks Swishers Diner!) and a little swollen/water retention, but I'm well enough to make a little oil over the next day or two for a few patients who could really use it thanks to a few trades and donations from the event.

I'll be back soon with some photos to share.... in the meantime, stay healthy & take care of each other!

A short time later...

It was a great time! Taking size into consideration it was just as much as you'd expect from any big event out west in CA, WA or CO, just a tad more intimate, but quite a big turn out for the area with people flying and driving in from all over, and there was much more going on at the other booths than I anticipated or had prepared for with my own booth! I arrived prepared to contribute much more minimally and more stealthily, for safety and out of respect the venue and the producers, than I apparently needed. Towards the end of the event, just to get rid of the last of everything I brought, we drove up and down the main alley, asking "Who Wants a Big Ol' Bag of Edibles & the last Mushroom Pie!".. just regular mushrooms,  not  the fun kind!

I don't actually eat either type, so it's always fun when I get an excuse to cook with them. The smell of cooking mushrooms reminds me of my Grandma's kitchen, it's a nice memory, so I don't mind it even if I don't care for them much myself.

The community has made huge, brave strides in the last few years... a decade ago, I was absolutely certain that we were -at least- twenty or so years away from this level of openness, and I was sure that I wouldn't be stepping out in public as 'BKS' until that time (heck, half the patients I work with don't know I'm "that Kat", but I s'pose that's one of the precautions that has kept me safe and able to continue working with the community so intimately for so long. A few years ago I was still being coy about whether I was even a man or a woman, where I lived, my history, my illness, all that. Paranoia may be a bit of a bummer, but it's kept a few of us pretty safe during these unfortunate times).

It was only 8 or so years ago, that.. well I won't say I 'fled the country', but it wasn't long ago at all, that I felt the urge to get a little overseas traveling done after word got out that a few of the forums I contributed to were about to be savagely shut down by the man!

Luckily I was contributing from within legal medical states at the time, a few of the people who were not (and who were more involved with the hosting/ownership), I believe, are still dealing with the consequences! I'd say, "if only they waited a few years", but in reality their bravery and sacrifice early on, helped pave the way to the freedoms we're allowed today.

The authorities really have much more to worry about, each and every night, at each and every large bar and small local pub, than they do about any of the events like those at Freedom Field.

No violence, no undesireables, everyone was either incredibly professional or simply fun loving.. no robbery or thieving that I'm aware of, in spite of tents and gear being left unattended. When people lost gear or possessions, they virtually all turned up later on, after being found and turned in by honest, decent people.

I don't even go to bars or concerts because my stomach will turn traitorous on me when surrounded by confrontations, especially when in unsecured and unsafe environments like some clubs and bars and even concert halls. It's just amusing to me, that what we do at the fests, is still considered unsafe or distasteful by those who aren't educated and simply don't know or understand what they're speaking ill of. I felt safer and more relaxed at the festival, than I feel at Hannaford, the local grocery store! I'm sure being surrounded by people of like-mind, helped.

Pretty cold sleeping in a tent so late in the season, after our electric blanket didn't end up running with the car adapter I had to get a little PG-13 with Q. just to stay warm in the mid 20 degree weather, lol, but we did without heating fuel for about a month during the dead of winter last year when it was much colder (with no car and no local shops that carried them, it took three or so weeks for Home Depot to send a working electric heater, and the house doesn't have a fireplace for backup during fuel/power outages!), so with our past experience dealing with the cold we toughed it out pretty well

My stomach admittedly was in a bit of agony in the AM from trying to sleep like that, but I popped an edible or two, and luckily there were folks with smoke at this event who were more than happy to share and trade (since I try only to travel with one or the other, edibles or flowers), and I was up and at'em covering the booth with Q. by 9-10am or so.

I will say this though, as much fun as it was, it's still great to be back home, relaxing with a sweet old lady cat in my lap! <3

This little girl was given a death sentence around the time I got home from Aus all those years ago. When I got home, she had a huge growth in her eye that NO ONE told me about while I was away.. all of the photos I was sent during that time, conveniently only showed her from the other side or with her eyes shut. I've always wondered if it started with an injury, they were also heavy indoor tobacco smokers who rarely bothered with ventilation.
We took her for a second opinion but both vets really wanted to put her down for an inoperable tumor (ocular melanoma) in her eye. I've heard of so many cats being put down prematurely for such things, even after resorting to having one or both eyes removed. Instead, I convinced them to let me take her home (MY BABY *rage face*.. I know how vets sometimes are, knowing it would be serious and that they may not offer options, I also brought her in under a fake name so they couldn't track us down later lol). I already had her on the oil by that time, in the form of eye drops and later on in small maintenance doses in her food once a week, and in a matter of weeks, all she was left with and is still left with to this day, is a small black scar inside her self-repaired iris and (from what I can tell) absolutely perfect vision!

At about 18 years old now, and almost half her total lifetime later, she's as spry as the dickens and a better and more accurate huntress and player than either of my boy cats of the same age, and younger, who've never had vision issues!

Whoops, rambling on again Anyhow, it was a lot of fun at the Hash Bash, and a great time was had by all! Can't wait for the next event in spring! However, and I hope I'm not blowing any surprises, I heard tell that a rare winter event may be attempted....... if so, I am so there."  - BKS

The Lucky Dip Grab Bag... fun fun!

Kat's Q., the fantastic Max Random, and a butterfly dude...

Thanks so much GCR Entertainment for inviting us out, and showing us a great time!

Capsules filled with the same bioavailable oils used to make our medibles, are a wonderful and lifesaving option for very ill and weak patients, as well as for those like Kat, suffering with symptoms such as severe nausea, who can not stomach any sizeable food or even much liquid intake.

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