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 BadKat's CannaPharm is now offering a limited variety of capsules and edibles....
Use The Contact Form Below To
Request BadKat's CannaPharm NEW EDIBLE LINE 
For Your Store and Patients

Just in time for 4/20 - Supply Is LIMITED!

 Very limited supply currently available before May/June: Contact our representatives soon if you would like to give your patients an early example of what's soon to come. We're honored to work with and hear from you! Early birds and those who compensate in full upfront are also noted and appreciated, and will receive preferential early access to our next inventory when subsequent crops come in.

 ALSO TAKING RESERVATIONS - As such, inventory that is already OUT OF STOCK (such as the HEALTH AND MANA POTION line), may remain so, to ALL except those have contacted us to reserve their quantities in advance, before new inventory comes in.

The natural fruit and vegetable based bioavailabile tinctures and drink mix lines, are almost as popular, if not more popular than the Capsules.
(They are difficult to keep in stock and are some of Kat's favorite daily medicinal selections as well, and the process requires additional time versus a standard oil.)

All Product Inquires, Order Requests, and Reservations May Be Made Below... 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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