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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Please read the below for details!

Privacy policy.

Any and all information we recieve from patients is kept strictly private within our circle at the CannaPharm. After several years of searching Kat has found two people she trusts with her own life, health and safety, to help her, help you! These anonymous members of her team have volunteered years of their time and services to Kat, and they can be trusted! We disclose NO personal or private information given to us by patients.


However, for your safety, please remember that email service providers may not necssarily secure, and you should still only provide information you feel is necessary, at your risk!


Testimonials -

We are now taking testimonials! If we recieve a message we would like to quote, we guarantee to make all necessary efforts to contact you for your permission. But if you can no longer be reached, and you sent us a lovely message we feel compelled to share, we hope you won't mind if we quote it, remove your name or pseudonym, and change any dates you've provided to protect your safety.


 The health and safety of ALL the cannabis community is Kat's number one, top priority. She cares about the community, it's progress, and our rights and liberties, her concern for our wellbeing is the very reason she been doing this, voluntarily and at the cost of her own health, for so many years!

Terms of use.


The information you receive here is NOT a substitute for a medical advice from your personal physician and specialists! Before proceeding with the use of medical cannabis in any form, please discuss your options with a trusted family physician! The CannaPharm is for informational purposes only, if you decide medical cannabis oil can, and will work for you, this is your choice, and one we are both proud and privlaged to be involved with, at your discretion!

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