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Video Clip, Photos & Reflections Coming Soon!

Recently I was invited to attend and participate at the Maine Vocals 21st Annual "HARVEST FEST", I'll be back shortly to let you all know how things went..
(***Spoiler alert.... it was a BLAST!)

A few shots just after we pitched the tent in the dark and bunked down for the night on a half-inflated air mattress... had to get some new supplies for camping at the event, and my air pump was not compatible with the new mattress! Luckily my helper, like many folks in our comnmunity, happens to have a very good and healthy pair of lungs!

3 Title Photos via MaineVocals & D. Christen

The treats I made for HF were dosed out nice and low, less than the equivalent of 0.10g - 0.20g in each pack depending on the variety, I didn't want anyone to have a bad time where I was just handing them and diluted them down from my own oil supplies (which are a bit short at the moment!)  although a few daily medicators did seem to go a little quiet after a while... you can always tell when the canna is kicking in nice and hard, when someone unusually quiet grows very talkative, or someone who's usually talkative goes silent, hehe... after a break I start out quiet and just get quieter, myself! But for future fests I'll try to bring along a small selection for more experiened patients, and some more topical samples, too...

My foreclosure & move-out date DOES fall between now, and Harvest Fest II, but if I manage to have enough funds leftover after my move (or if I can find a house-sitter or I'm assured my belongings won't need to be guarded against bank theivery, if I have to stay here an extra few weeks) I will absolutely be there! Times are tough, but cannabis and the community are my life.
 I arrived only for the tail end of Harvest Fest I, and even this anti-social hermit crab (with a traitorous stomach condition , to boot!) ie. me, enjoyed it so much, that I just can't wait for the next! Let's put it this way, I haven't gone camping since I was a Girl Scout thanks to my stomach acting up, and this was WAY worth breaking my 20 year 'camping dry spell', even with a little discomfort the following morning! I'm investing in a heated blanket to hook up to my car battery charger, and have already replaced my sad excuse for an inflatable mattress with one that has a compatible pump, which should make recovering the following morning a little more easy...

I want to take a moment to thank BEE LINE for their support and for sending gear to help make my booth all the more fun, and memorable!

My "BadKat's CannaPharm" banner, behind a bunch of goodies...

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