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Matanuska Thunderf**k

 On the Matanuska Thunderf**k sample buds..


"After arriving late at Harvest Fest 2013, I wasn't feeling very well from the ride, it took a few hours setting up camp and getting everything sorted when I realized I still hadn't even taken my edible yet. I was feeling pretty low at this point, and sent my "helper" out to see if he could scrounge up something to smoke, to tide me over while I waited for a delicious truffle to kick in.

In about two minutes he came back with a few of the above nugs, given to us by a VERY kind and compassionate fellow, posted up near the entrance gate! Incredibly pungent and potent, and especially after freshly coming off from a two week (smoking.. not edible!) t-break or 'tolerance break' as they call it online, it went right to my head and I was done and feeling much better, in just a few short puffs... thanks so much, to the donor!
" -

Now Accepting DONATIONS!

Kat is now accepting donations!


 As many of you know, Kat is facing a terrible and ongoing financial emergency with the foreclosure and loss of her home,

in rural Maine. As a private, and physically ill disabled caregiver, she does not charge patients for her time educating them or for the oil she donates, which is very unique and rare. She does not often accept their help even when needed for essentials like electricity or food. As a result Kat leads a modest lifestyle on a very limited income provided by family, sometimes going weeks without leaving her house while patients stop over with groceries.

 Donations Kat recieves, even in flower form, will always go towards helping her to make the lives of other patients most in need better, through personal help from Kat, the new tutorials and content she provides, and all the future donations she is able to continue making herself, thanks to the assistance in her time of need! Even during hard times she devotes all her  resources to helping the community, sometimes when it's probably not best for her situation to do so, you can rest assured that any help she is provided will never go to waste, and will go on to directly benefit all of the patients Kat works with. 

We will soon have a functional donor button connected to the bottom of the page
, but for now, please feel free to use the contact button below to get in touch with us if you'd like to help.

LEGAL DONATIONS OF MEDICINE (in the form of flowers) are also gladly accepted!

3/10/2014 Update - Kat has been reluctant to set up a donors button or paypal account, however, thanks to this page Kat has accepted and shared with several priority patients flower donations, which have been MUCH appreciated during the period Kat's growrooms have been inactive!

The process of losing her home has made producing even a modest supply of necessary medicine very challenging for her, with several legal crops needing to be destroyed prematurely due to sudden moving scares, and the delays and loss in genetics it's caused.


Before 2013, for nearly a decade and a half Kat had been a regular free donor to local disabled and elderly local patients as she moved to different locations around the globe. Even now she still gives whatever she can, often to the point where she does not have enough left for herself, but for the last year she has been getting by mainly on donated samples, and small micro-crops she's managed to produce in spite of her housing difficulties. We've watched her health, pain and her energy levels take a big and steady turn for the worse ever since her cannabis intake started to decrease.


Fortunately, gifting of very small quantities is 100% legal within the local medical community!

Legal gifting is not being frowned upon by the law, besides simply being the compassionate thing to do, is one of the reasons Kat historically has not accepted any compensation for the medicine donations she has made. She strongly believes that it is what has kept her safe from legal trouble over the years, even while educating others on cannabis during troubling legal times and being in the public eye. It also allows her to assist and donate to a many more people, than the five patients legally allowed by most caregivers who charge or accept direct compensation for medicine they provide... any patient, caregiver or not, can make donations up to one ounce, to any other patient. She loves the process and hobby enough, and does well enough at it when she's able to work without interruption, that she can afford to give away all the excess medicine that she can't possibly use before her next crop finishes, producing more than enough to last several additional patients well into her next crop and then some.  In spite of the allure of the financial stability and more, offered by the black market and even by the legal medical industry, she wouldn't have it any other way.


It's compassionate, it's why she started working with cannabis in order to help support those most in need, and mass donating allows her to excell at growing in such a way that guarantees she and the primary patients she cares for can stay at, or well below their legally alowable amounts of cannabis at any given time.


Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to legally donate a sample for review, or make a contribution to help Kat and her high priority patients stay medicated whether it's just enough for a day, or for an entire week!


Flower donations will be kindly reviewed below, on this page!

If she chooses to process your donation into an edible oil, your contribution could potentially become imortalized as a permanently highlighted  fixture on the website, and at the CannaPharm, when the tutorial and recipes are shared!


Please let us know if you have an alias, a user name or first name you would like to be credited for your donation!

**We've just been informed that larger contributions may earn recipes named after the donor!**


January 15th 2014

One of the nicest surprises I've had in quite a while, a HUGE thank you to Zaphod for the awesome

4 strain sampler donation!!

 This is just a nug of the White Widow by White Label, I'll be back a little later with a few photos of the rest, possibly some oil, too...

my tolerance is low right now and, combined with the stellar quality of these fragrant, sticky nugs, I've been a little lazy

the last day or two.  The care and humor that went into the packaging did not go unnoticed, it reminded me of one of the reasons why I got into this myself, sometimes just sharing something awesome you did or made, makes it all worthwhile.  Needless to say I'm a very happy camper! Now, back to the bong and being glued in bed... Thanks again, Zaphod, you rock!  :)  - Kat

I just wanted to quickly apologize to the folks who gave little samples during the fall festival and holiday season, I know a few of you don't see your samples yet below, we've been in between computers and haven't had access to older data on the original hard drive recently, but we've just about sorted that problem out and we have loads of content left to share from the festivals!

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