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Donations Needed!
At BadKat's CannaPharm for nearly 20 years we have provided free advice, classes, tutorials and have donated and gifted free oils to patients all over the world using our own limited resources as disabled volunteers. 
 After investing her life savings in a home with a landlord through a rent-to-own agreement, to continue growing for her patients, our founder lost the home to a foreclosure. Now homeless and living with a patient, Kat Smiles
needs our help establishing a new home base for the CannaPharm.



 Our domains and web hosting all need renewing within the next month (Oct), Kat has kept the CannaPharm going and has done everything she has for the community using her own resources, but now she has no income what so ever and is currently residing under the roof of a trusted friend, after losing her home and the land she invested all her savings in, just months earlier.

We have still NEVER charged a patient for medicine, flowers, oils, edibles or education, we have gifted thousands of ounces of medicine and oils from our own crops, devote 60 hour work weeks to answering emails, and have remained truly non-profit volunteers. All of our services to the community have been made at Kat's personal expense up until this point. frequently subtracting from her food budget to do so, a sacrifice she has had a history of making light of because eating is often painful for her. We desperately need a little help to keep the ball rolling while she continues to work towards providing you guys with something a little more exciting and even more beneficial.

Thank you SO much for considering making a contribution towards our efforts, with your help we'll be able to continue serving our community just as effectively as ever.

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Thank You!

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