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    We would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that although courses are offered on the basis of a suggested donation unique to each course, which helps us to continue performing more services for our community and allows us to provide better content, we always have, and always will continue to assist in educating patients and professionals in these same areas, free of charge, outside of the confines of the course. That is our origin and our foundation, we strongly believe that every patient, caregiver and professional, regardless of their intent, has the right to access solid, reliable information for the benefit of human life. 

   Our courses however are designed and offered as a means to structuralize and streamline our educational content, to examine skill and competence in following directions and reproducing results, and more importantly it will provide you with an official certification, including our seal of approval and a document signed and stamped by Kat, and our lead admin, to use as you advance through your career in the cannabis community. This is the benefit of registration and course completion.

  All professionals and legal patients currently allowed access to cannabis, are eligible to register and attend regardless of location.

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