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On our first week, BKCannaPharm's ONE HUNDRED & ONE EDIBLES reviews First Place Winner of the 2016 HIGHTIMES US CUP

TEA POT - Calendula Guava Mango Black Tea  from Honey Pot

Spoiler alert, right upfront, it's delicious. While we were wishing for higher potency, I don't think infusion is the issue, but rather our tolerance is. At just 25mg, it has an MCT oil carrier to provide some added absorption and flow-ability in the tea, only a subtle oily surface was detected in the cup. We make our own teas for patients by adding measured amounts of glycerin based liposomal tincture to the individual patient's preferred tea leaves, for higher doses, to preserve the quality of the drink, and prefer to use oil for maximum absorption in similarly lower doses, as oil has very little effect on the mouth feel, flavor, and quality of the beverage at such a low rate. Some teas are nearly as 'greasy', all on their own due to excess waxes... not to mention the oil present in coffee beans, and the added milk or cream, if that's your route of administration. But I digress.


I'm sure at closer to 100 - 200mg, we may have experienced some noticeable change in sensation or therapeutic relief, thanks to their method of preparation, which we approve of. However, if your tolerance is in the 25mg range, or if you like the idea of drinking a few cups throughout the day and micro dosing meets your needs, this may be a very good choice for you, just as it is.

 Do remove your tea bag before adding cream if that's how you take your tea. The packet suggested adding sweetener and milk to taste, but it's a good tip to remember that the acids in such flavored teas, while diluted and diffused suitably enough in the water, are often still concentrated enough in the bag itself to curdle all the milk, if left in the cup once it's added.

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