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BadKat's CannaPharm ORDER FORM - Wholesale / Vendor Cost

Choose from the options below, build your order, then instead of "placing" your order, copy and email your request to the contact form below, with a phone number, or an email where you'd like us to contact you.
We reply to ALL professional inquiries, within 48 business hours!

Compensation is required up front at the time of edible receipt.
We can not provide inventory on consignment basis, or without compensation up front at this time. Possibly in the future. 

For now, we are however willing to work with you if you are able to offer applicable collateral, or if you are able to offer a minimum amount of flowers/concentrate for us to process into edibles for you, or other clients through a repayment agreement, while we wait for your patients to deplete the inventory that we have already provided you.

Thank you, your details were sent successfully!

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