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Financial Contributions


For the first time, we are providing a way for sponsors and individuals to make financial contributions directly towards the BadKat's CannaPharm projects, including such projects as getting Kat and her "Medicated Meals on Wheels" program back on the road, for the first time in nearly five years.
  You may remember a temporary account made with a crowd funding service, within a few days and with less than $200 deposited the account was closed by the service provider, the few funds donated were ultimately kept by them and witheld from both Kat and the donors, we will not be using their services again. It took over a year, until now, for us to get Kat to warm to the idea of accepting contributions from the general public again, thanks to several of you who have convinced her, not only that she deserves and is worthy of accepting help from the people who would like to offer it, but also that considering all she's done without any assistance, she has the capcity to do so much more if her financial situation were not so close to the line.
  After going through foreclosure and losing her vehicle through investing and losing her life savings to a poor housing arrangement, Kat quickly recovered and began offering her free medicated food pantry in the area, where select low income patients were allowed to come in and were provided options for medicated food. They were able to choose from medicated meals, snacks, capsules, topicals and non-medicated food supplies, unfortunately due to the inceased cost of life and several medical emergencies Kat has (with any luck, temporarily) lost much of her mobility, and has had to dramatically limit the help she is physcally and financially able to offer. This is why we are asking for your help, if you have resources, but not enough time in the day to apply them as much as you would like, then it would be an honor to be entrusted with your help so we can continue to provide assistance to people in need using the time we have.


Kat has devoted her life and all of her resources and income to furthering the medical cannabis cause, and to helping patients around the world and on an individual basis heal since the 1990's.   Instead of taking a chance on buying the vehicle her rural family needs earlier this year, she took what she'd set aside from cutting back on her monthly utilities and grocery budget, and invested in a heated and air conditioned, climate controlled 30 foot tent, strictly to provide a comfortable, safe and healthy space at festivals for seriously ill patients, who otherwise would not physcially be able to attend and exist alongside their peers, at such outdoor events.    She buys organic butters and coconut oils for the donations she gifts to her patients, while she still wears the same outfits and shoes she had in high school. I've never seen her buy or own a cd or a dvd, or an impulse item of any kind, she still uses kitchenware that was handed down to her by her grandparents.
  She is very frugal, but also immesurably efficient and wise with the limited income she has access to... the website, her tutorials, her work in general and the reason you're here reading this, was funded on a budget that falls far below the poverty line, she gives up little comforts without a second thought, without considering that they were even an option, to improve her ability to serve patients and the community, and it's because PEOPLE are what matter to her.

If you are able to help in any way, it would be deeply appreciated by all of us, and you can be certain that every dime will go towards improving patient health.

Needs That Will Be Fulfilled by Contributions:

 Kat has insisted we share some of the needs we will be able to fulfill using this platform, and as a contributor and friend of the CannaPharm she invites you to make suggestions.

Medicated Meals on Wheels RV - This will serve as Kat's permanent home, and her vehicle, as she is currently without both. This will expand her ability to tour and visit with patients, visit events, and work with our community.
New Kitchen Supplies - The majority of our pots and pans have been old enough to vote and buy drinks for about twenty years.

Video Photography  -  Things like hard drives and a newer motherboard, processor, video card would make video production a task that could be completed in hours, rather than days of churning and processing on outdated and years-old systems (only to sometimes find out there was an error, or that an improvement could be made, and that after fixing it, hours and even days of compressing and rendering need to be repeated).

Land -  Now this is important, Kat has dreamed for many years of giving patients a free, to affordable place to temporarily live while they learn about cannabis medicine, in a friendly environment that is comfortably professional, but not necessarily business or even caregiver oriented and instead more geared towards individual health and lifestyle changes. It is not meant as a place for certification or 'resume building', it is not meant to compete, but rather beneficially co-exist with the current big industry educational compounds. BadKat's CannaPharm has traditionally been a place of healing and patient interaction, we would like to finally provide a permanant structure or location where people can come together and enjoy our shared beliefs in traditional, natural healing.

  Interested investors should contact us before making large contributions, we would love to work together to come up with an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial in thanks for your interest and generosity.

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