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                   "The Real Mints & Marshmallow Creams


 'A fun and medicated, cream filled cookie treat, that serves almost as well as a breath mint as it does as a sweet snack and medicine... in terms of flavor, think Girl Scouts Thin Mints, made with high grade ingredients and a cream filling! Feel free to experiment with the type of cookies or biscuits used, as well as the quantity of cream filling. Don't like mint? Melt in a few marshmallows and add a little extra vanilla, instead!'


                                                  Here we are again, another fun, medicated recipe!

 This is a treat I've been sitting on for a while, devised and tested specifically for the purposes of dedicating the recipe and the finished tutorial to someone who had followed my work over the years, but recently extended a unique offer of help during a time when we needed it most, while we were preparing for our big move and heading out on the first leg of our journey.

  Much to my happy surprise, this person quickly became a good and genuine friend. The kind you don't make or meet often, especially the older you get, and the time we've spent together has been, without exception, profoundly awesome... love and appreciate the friends you have, folks, the real ones especially. They're rare creatures.


 I can't think of a better subject to honor with our first tutorial dedication, it's only a small way of repaying him for the gift of his friendship, and for his help and understanding. 


 You're a cool dude , Mr. Thereal. I think I'll enjoy our friendship even more once I don't feel so darned indebted to you all the time, I'm sure Quinn probably agrees with that sentiment.  


"The Real Mints & Marshmallow Creams"


      You will need:


  - 40 Crisp cookies, we use the Biscoff variety

  - 2 1/2 cups Confectioner Sugar

  - 1/2 cup Brown Sugar

  - 3 Tbsp Cream; or coconut milk

  - 3/4 cup softened Butter or Coconut Oil

  - 2tsp Vanilla

  - 12 - 15 drops Peppermint essential oil, or to taste

  - 1/2tsp Mint extract, a blend or peppermint

  - pinch Cinnamon and Nutmeg

  - 5 - 6oz Dark Chocolate

  - 10 to 20 *doses of cannabis oil (you can make two cookies a dose, or one full dose for each cookie)


  *Subtract the volume of medicated oil you plan to add, from the unadulterated butter or coconut oil, so that you finish with roughly 3/4c total. In other words, if you've infused your preferred doses into individual ml's, subtract 10 - 20 ml's or 2 - 4 tsp from the butter or coconut oil called for above. With only 10ml's you might not bother removing any butter from the recipe if you prefer a slightly richer cream filling.




 1) In a large bowl, blend all of your ingredients, except for the cookies, the chocolate, and half the mint oil. 


 2) Spread the cream filling onto the top of half of the cookies, leaving the flat bottom bare, then firmly sandwich a second cookie on top of each, sticking them in place. Chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. If you chill much longer than that, you risk letting your cookies go soft, or worse, soggy.


 You may choose first to weigh out the filling, then divide its weight by the number of cookies you plan to make, in order to provide a perfectly consistent dose from one cookie to the next. Once the filling has been weighed, just scoop the amount that an individual cookie takes onto your scale, using a tray and a little wax paper to keep your scale clean, make sure the portions measure up, then apply the weighed portions to each cookie.



 3) Using a double boiler, you can now gently melt your chocolate, or if you are -experienced- you may carefully monitor a pot containing your chocolate over the lowest temp on your stove-top, frequently removing it from the hot burner.

Be sure you remove it from your heat source before all the chocolate can fully melt if you don't want them too glossy, but it can be a good idea to have a few seed pieces of chocolate reserved on the side, depending on the simplicity of the melting and coating method you choose. I prefer to create a subtle ma
tte finish for these cookies, but you may choose to use fully tempered chocolate..


 4) Mix in remaining peppermint oil, to taste. Using two forks, dip each cookie sandwich in the chocolate, flip, then remove. You will want to hold the cookie between the forks at a slight angle over the chocolate bowl or pot, to remove excess chocolate. Place on wax paper, laid out on a flat baking sheet, to cool and harden.




Coated in chocolate, the cookies are now protected from the air and moisture in the atmosphere, and won't go soft or stale. You can now safely chill them in the fridge or freezer, they also keep surprisingly well at room temp for several weeks up to a month. To improve their storage capacity further, and to preserve the crispness of the cookie even more, try dipping the individual cookies in chocolate, first, before adding the cream filling in between. Then you can dip again, or not. Either way, this allows the cream filling to remain a little more moist, and the cookies a little more dry!

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